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DBIS (Digital Breast Imaging System)


Using advanced thermal imaging technology, the DBIS is the first in Asia to have undergone a large scale hospital clinical trial.

The DBIS is designed to be an adjunct to mammography to increase the likelihood of breast cancer detection.

The DBIS is particularly useful for younger women who have denser breasts. Dense breasts can mask the growth of abnormal tissue during conventional screening.




DBIS is radiation-free and suitable for women of all ages.

As it has no radiation, screening can be conducted as often as desire.


DBIS requires no compression of the breasts.

Patients are simply required to stand in an enclosure to have her chest imaged.


DBIS is non-invasive, requires no injection and does not subject the patients to any procedure associated pain.


DBIS is also aesthetically designed in the form of an enclosed capsule which not only helps to ensure a temperature controlled environment and also permits screening to be done in absolute privacy.

DBIS at Queen Sirikit Breast Cancer Centre, Thailand/Bangkok
DBIS featured in Breast cancer mammography

written by Expat Life October 26, 2017

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