A new 3D vision for the future



TronWare 3D microscope is a highly advanced microscope with patented 3D optical engine, simplicity of GUI and control handles as well as wireless footswitch to offer the best 3D images for surgeons.

  • 4k 3D display allows group of viewers

  • Fast Auto Focus / Auto Image Alignment / Incredible Depth of Field (DOF)

  • Zoom Max. 35x

  • Wide working distance 400 mm - 1000 mm

  • Excellent 3D image with no latency and distortion-free


  • The greatest possible freedom of movement turns the microscopy workstation into an ergonomic workplace.

  • Working off overhead monitor instead of eyepieces provides more working space and relief from eyestrain and neck pain.

  • Amazing depth of field and magnification of 3D image display on a 3D 4K display monitor or head mounted display.

  • High imaging quality perfectly suited for documentation and analysis in open surgery. Ideal for training and teaching. 

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